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Some Reasons Why It May Be Time to Talk to Behavioral Health Professional

We all face challenges and struggles in life. Today, substance use, anxiety, bullying and low self-esteem are all threats to our younger generations. Fortunately, you and your children don’t have to face those realities alone. Leon County Schools and DISC Village are proud to offer a curriculum of health & wellness learning for all students in the school district.

If you believe a student may be in need of help, we are here to listen.

Below are some of the common signs that it may be time to talk to a behavioral health professional:

Substance Use

  • Denial of having a problem
  • Difficulty with Accountability – i.e. claims of parent violating privacy for monitoring youths activities appropriately
  • Excessive secrecy or "security" - phone passwords, locking doors, hiding things
  • Resistance to structure, rules, and adult involvement
  • Inability / difficulty meeting obligations
  • Increased criminal activity
  • Change in hygiene habits (stopped taking care of themselves, excessive use of products to "cover up" smell of use, excessive use of gum or mints, using eye drops to reduce red-eye)
  • Loss of memory and concentration abilities.
  • Disorientation
  • Cash flow problems
  • Disappearance of prescription or over the counter meds, alcohol, money, or valuables.
  • Easily exhausted; periods of sleeplessness or high energy followed by catch up sleep
  • Defensiveness
  • Increased Risky behaviors such as: hypersexual activity, sexual activity without protection, activities that cause adrenaline rush, going places without notifying an adult, hiding behaviors, etc.

Substance use and/or Mental Health:

  • Withdrawing socially, emotionally, and physically not being present for important events (school or work)
  • Change in interests or loss of interests
  • Changes in friend groups / loss of friends without explanation
  • Change in motivation
  • Continued crisis or chaos without explanation
  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating.
  • Anger, irritability, mood swings.
  • Feeling sad or hopeless.
  • Feeling disconnected or numb.
  • Guilt, shame, self-blame.
  • Negative Change in hygiene habits - stopped taking care of themselves.

Look for the signs and don’t hesitate to call our team. You can refer a student or speak to a DISC Village Counselor by calling 850.575.4025 (or direct to a contact form)

Refer A Student